In a business context, the word delegate is a verb that means to trust someone with a task. You as the senior person (owner or manager) hand over responsibility and authority for a task to someone else. You might wonder if it’s a good idea to trust other people with responsibilities that affect your bottom line.
A little concern is perfectly understandable. If you have resisted delegating in the past, reconsider. The benefits to all involved and the growth of the bottom line might surprise you.

Okay, so why delegate? How will things improve by handing off important tasks to other people? Let’s look at some of the ways things will be better for you as an owner or manager if delegating became part of the company’s management style.

Benefits to the Owner / Manager

You will have more time to focus on the really important parts of your business, like planning and developing a working strategy for growth. Going home feeling guilty for leaving things undone is a thing of the past. No more battling the pressure and stress of too much to do as deadlines mount.
Delegation is the path to achieving more and with better results. Imagine if you could clone yourself. How much would get done with four or five of you working at the same time? Passing some of your responsibility and authority to trusted knowledgeable subordinates is like having a cloning machine in the backroom.
Delegating means more free time to spend with your family. No more taking work home over weekends and holidays to prevent falling behind, and dare you even think it possible, a vacation?

Benefits to Employees / Team Members

The Team members will have a chance to develop new skills. Their confidence will grow as they learn to problem solve and make important decisions. You will witness new levels of motivation and morale with every new and significant contribution to the company.

Team members will gain a deeper satisfaction with their job. Enjoyment and loyalty will increase as they learn to take the initiative and create better ways to do things.

Benefits to the Company

The main benefit to the company is an improved quality of work. The people who know the tasks best will have the authority to make decisions. Employees become invested with outcomes because they are more involved in processes. Delegation builds trust between workers and the people who lead, and creates a path and process to train future leaders.


Imagine what you could accomplish if everyone involved had your work ethic. What is possible if instead of one innovative strategic thinker at the top, your company developed a culture of innovation and strategic thinking.
Delegation is the way to build this culture and reach a higher level of success. Use the resources that already exist in your organization, and use them wisely. Find the right people for the jobs that need doing, train them so they understand the expected outcome and then give them the reins.
Never give up ultimate responsibility, teach, lead, and give them the chance to show why it pays to delegate.


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