According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel, customisation, mobile technologies, fresh booking practices, the sharing economy and digital payment solutions is the future for business travel.

Locomote have begun to make waves in the travel industry, particularly when it comes to business and enterprise travel. The chief information officer and co-founder of the company, Ross Fastuca, says, "You can book your leisure travel online very easily. You don’t talk to anybody and you can do it without too much fuss.

"For corporate travel, for whatever reason, it seems to be way behind the eight ball. You still have manual interaction and there are all these different forms. We also found that the booking aspect of corporate travel is just one element. There’s also financial savings, duty of care, corporate governance and operational efficiency," Mr Fastuca adds. "Corporates also need their travel and expenses to be managed easily. It’s not as simple as booking a trip to Hawaii — there are all sorts of things that have to be taken into consideration."

Essentially, these streamlined booking practices are completely changing the future and shape of the business industry. Things can move quicker, are certainly much more efficient and those who travel often will likely find life much simpler this way.

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