There are many speculations about the direction of change management: what would it be like this year? Next year? And the year after that?

No one knows for sure.

As I’ve said, we can only make educated guesses, and so, here are some assumptions: 

  • Broader awareness and appreciation
    The more successful outcomes change management delivers, the more willing and open companies would be to it, and in the long run, it would gain wider trustworthiness and respect.
  • More extensive and complex execution
    The more change management is implemented, the broader and the more complex it will become as a discipline. This will be evident in the mass number of engaged workers, several performance assessments (which would include best practices), and lastly, it will become a requirement rather than an alternative.
  • Increased number of “Change Manager” positions
    As change management becomes a business mandatory, it would spark more demand for professional “Change Managers”, whose primary function would be to shepherd these companies through the delicate process of change.
  • Change management education and accreditation
    The more professionals refer to themselves as change management experts, the likelihood there would be a prerequisite for further training and certification.

The pathway of change management is an exciting one. It would be great to see how things unfold. 


Written by David Fastuca @Locomote 

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