The ever-present spectre of global terrorism and growing security risks make managing travel risk and duty of care increasingly important priorities for every organisation. Apart from doing the right thing by your people, any business not proactively safeguarding the health and safety of its travellers is exposing itself to financial and legal risk.


Keeping our people safe during business travel was also high on our priority list when, frustrated by lack of integrated options, we built our own corporate travel platform.

Travelport Locomote’s end-to-end corporate travel management platform includes powerful risk management features like passport and visa control, comprehensive emergency communication tools, and automated workflows that alert travel managers to high-risk destinations. Travel managers can add approval steps for staff travelling to such destinations and provide a proactive and personalised risk management strategy for these travellers.  

Our user-friendly, efficient platform helps you keep your travellers safe and enhances your corporate travel compliance standards through:

  • Up-to-date travel guidance: Alerting you to any risk-related locations and, if you have to go there, providing up-to-date travel and safety guidance.
  • High-risk workflows: An additional approval step for high-risk destinations, ensuring you comply with duty of care regulations. 
  • Location reporting: Locate your people anywhere in the world, and get a snapshot of where your team has travelled and is travelling to.
  • Instant messaging: Allows travellers to instantly communicate with who they need to, when they need to.
  • Passport and visa control: Automatic alerts of passport expiration dates and visa requirements, so you can rest assured that all passports, visas and health requirements are valid and up to date.

Find out more about the corporate travel pain points Travelport Locomote can help eliminate, or to see how Travelport Locomote’s seamless end-to-end corporate travel platform can keep travelling staff safe, drive instant communication and help businesses meet duty of care obligations, chat to one of our team or book in a product demo today.

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