In a world where technology is king, the way we plan, book, experience and think about travel has changed. Technology has disrupted a previously human-centred marketplace, leaving many travel agents behind. Free and readily available platforms like Uber and Airbnb have altered how agencies stand in the industry and how they promote their services.

Considering the costs and risks, the way business people travel and the reasons for travelling, it’s clear a powerful travel management platform can empower travel agents to deliver a product worth paying for.

We found five reasons travel management software can be an agent’s best friend and why it’s beneficial for corporate travel.

1. Travel management systems empower agents to deliver the best value to clients

DIY travel arranging is one of the most popular ways to book corporate trips, even for business travellers with complex itineraries. Unfortunately, with inexperience and a lack of knowledge about the intricacies of the travel industry, even the most well versed DIY travel arranger can find themselves in a muddle.

The impact on business of a missed connection, misleading accommodation information or a bungled booking is immense, with compounding costs and loss of precious time.

That’s why it’s imperative travel agents arm themselves with a powerful travel management platform that can alleviate these concerns with confidence.

A platform that can load negotiated rates, select preferred vendors and ensure businesses get the most from their journey improves the travel experience and allows travellers to get their desired outcome.

2. Duty of care maintained

While DIY travel can be convenient, there is a risk of ballooning costs, hidden fees and lack of the safety net a travel agent provides. Travel agents have little room for error when it comes to exercising duty of care for their clients.

That’s just one of the reasons a travel management platform is an agent’s best friend. Substandard technology can leave the agent at risk of legal action as well as exposing them as unprofessional and unethical. Using a platform with streamlined risk management can alleviate concerns, ensure a successful booking and be a drawcard for potential clients.

3. Travel Management Platforms are organised – all communication streams in one place

Modern business travel runs on communication. Communicating with airlines, accommodation providers, clients, team members and those at the office is time consuming and draining for travellers who decide to go it alone. Not to mention all those booking details and arrangements being on different emails, documents and modes of communication. 

A travel management platform keeps all of these details in one place, streamlining the process and giving valuable time back to the traveller.

Travel agents equipped with effective management software can communicate itinerary changes, approvals, security information and general correspondence quickly and efficiently to the corporate traveller, so they can concentrate on the reason for their trip and leave the rest to the agent.

Corporate travel teams who are serious about planning for profit will have a home base equipped with powerful messaging tools. Travelport Locomote’s messaging tools offer automatic audit tracking that stores and saves a log of communication for quick viewing. 

4. It’s flexible and adaptable

As technology changes frequently, it’s understandable an agent may be hesitant to enlist an entirely new management platform. Adjusting to a new program does take time, however a streamlined management platform like Travelport Locomote allows travel agents to tailor their software to the services they provide. In the long run, it’s well worth the investment.

A travel management platform consolidates a range of tools into one intuitive interface, giving time back to travel agents so they can get on with more important things, like booking corporate travel. Wrangling several technologies, often with independent login information and operating styles, is a time waster for travel agents, so a platform that does it all saves time, money and energy.

Module-powered travel management platforms are the best because they allow an agency to create tailored and personalised workflows that suit their individual programs. 

5. It allows you to demonstrate success to clients

In an incredibly competitive industry, it’s more important than ever for travel agents to be relevant and up to speed with the latest trends and technology. Demonstrating the value of their services is essential for travel agents.

To compete with disruptive free platforms and DIY business travellers, travel agencies need to communicate their prowess in profit with data-backed evidence.

Using a powerful travel management platform like Travelport Locomote simplifies the analysis and reporting of a travel policy, visualising areas of opportunity with speed and accuracy and giving peace of mind that the client has the very best service and deal, and all the agent’s bases are covered.

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