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Where will we be seeing you in 2018?

By Locomote Team on February 2, 2018

2018 Mobile Travel Trends

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog about the most important trends in mobile travel for 2018. This is an important topic as I spend a lot of time thinking about how technology can enhance the travel experience. The blog has been published by my ...

By Travelport LocomoteonDecember 27, 2017

Digital Traveller Research

Our Digital Traveller Research is rich with insights and stories about the modern traveller. The rise of digital tools and content The research findings demonstrate the significance of digital tools for travelers before, during and even after their ...

By Travelport LocomoteonNovember 10, 2017

Let’s go: travel managers prioritise mobility

So let’s look back at the past 24 hours, and consider how many times you’ve picked up your smartphone. In your personal time, you’ve probably posted and read content on your favourite social media channel. You might have checked the weather forecast to ...

By Travelport LocomoteonOctober 2, 2017