Ross Fastuca, CIO and Co-Founder of Travelport Locomote talks to GQ  and reveals his must-have wearable devices for work, play and hitting the ground running after a 12-hour flight.

Whether you’re lounging around in St Moritz, or jet setting to an important meeting in Moscow, wearable technology has the potential to enrich every aspect of your travel experience.

"From improving the health and safety of travellers, offering premium and personalised luxury based on real-time data, and even making language barriers a thing of the past, wearable devices are already redefining the way we travel," says Fastuca - a man who has honed his packing and identified his key travel essentials over many hours of business flights abroad.

Click here to see what Fastuca reveals as the top five wearable devices currently making his business travel just that little bit better.

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