As business travellers go about embarking on and tackling their intense and demanding corporate endeavours, here are some essential items they shouldn’t be caught dead without during such journeys.

1. A checklist
In preparing for any trip – let alone a crucial business one – creating a laundry list of to-dos before, during and after such a journey is an indispensable element. Whether it’s a bunch of sticky notes or a scribble in a notepad (virtual or otherwise), having such item on your person ensures that you don’t forget any crucial task that needs to be addressed.

2. Printouts of everything
Inasmuch as technology has transformed and made our lives so much easier, it sometimes fails – this is a risk that no business traveller wants to take. In this same vein, having physical copies of all your documents: travel itinerary, passport, presentation details, and hotel booking confirmation – everything – is a good idea. It is always better to be safe (which can be a pain sometimes) than sorry.

3. Chargers for all your electronic appliances
Running out of battery juice for your appliances (like a smartphone, tablet or personal computer) is the modern equivalent of being transported to hell – it’s a nightmare. For this very reason, most road warriors ensure that they pack charging cables/chargers for all of their respective gadgets – sometimes an additional one just incase the other fails. Being incommunicado for an extended period of time, in some cases, isn’t a luxury a business traveller can afford.

4. Noise cancellation headphones or earplugs
One of the small joys whilst travelling is being able to tune out your immediate surroundings in the quest for some peace and quiet. Having noise cancellation headphones or earplugs can assist in shielding your ears from the moving parts of the aircraft or the humdrum of passenger conversation.

5. Batteries
This is one of those items that is so fundamental yet so easy to forget. Packing an extra set of batteries for your wireless keyboard or your mouse for instance, can quite frankly, ruin one’s trip. Imagine your electric pointer goes dead during a crucial business presentation – it just messes up your flow and can have an unsavory impact. So make sure you’re armed with all the “A’s” – that is AA and AAA batteries).

6. Sporting apparel
Exercise as we all know has immeasurable benefits in helping to alleviate the pressures of travelling, and essentially, putting a road warrior in the best headspace prior to and after a business assignment. Therefore, don’t forget to throw in your athletic gear when packing for your trip.

(You see, this is why having a list comes in handy – it’s so easy to forget this).

7. Backup of your presentation
Following the same trajectory of the unreliability of technology, ensuring that you have fallback copies of crucial documents (for your presentation) on numerous devices is the choice way to go. Having two flash drives - that house all said details – doesn’t make you paranoid but practical.

8. Portable first-aid kit
With the unpredictable nature of travelling, travellers are sometimes left vulnerable. Consequently, being armed with a small first-aid kit is a key item to remedying unforeseen minor injuries.  

9. Nutritious snacks
The need to stay fed during your trip isn’t negotiable – if you can manage severe hunger pangs during a 6-hour flight, more power to you! Making sure that you have portable healthy snacks on your person is advocated (especially since airplane food is expensive).

10. Good reading material
Imagine you have a 12-hour layover at an airport with spotty WiFi connection: you can’t check your work emails or have a cheeky scroll on your prized social media site. Isn’t that another gulag? Well, ensuring you have some kind of reading material (be it a book, magazine or newspaper) can help prevent against such pain.

There you go, ten top tips for the business traveller! Now you have no excuse for not having an enjoyable (or somewhat palatable) trip.


Written by Pip Spibey-Dodd @ Locomote 


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