Ross Fastuca, CIO & co-founder of corporate travel platform Travelport Locomote, reveals his top three business travel tips to ensure they’re as worth while as they can be. 

The idea of going on a business trip might sound exciting — a day out of the office, visiting a different city, and having some time to power through work without interruptions while on the plane. However, in practice it can be overwhelming and stressful.

Daily tasks and workloads don’t change while on the road. On the contrary, they might even increase. Many of us have been in a situation when we’ve received an urgent email as soon as we get off the plane, which we had to address while on a cab on our way to a meeting.

Business trips can be an arduous part of work, but they’re crucial to the success of any growing company. Here are four tips that can help corporate travellers stay productive while on the road, and get the most out of business trips.

Stay focused and set goals for every business trip. To read Fastuca's tips in GQ, click here.

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