If you had to guess, how many times a day do you think we check our mobile devices? 

According to The Journal of Accountancy, the average person checks 47 times, whilst those aged between 18-24 checking their mobile 86 times a day. That's a lot of activity on a handheld device, and with this number no doubt increasing, mobile technology has never been more necessary than it is today.

The corporate travel space is no exception to these trends either. Business travellers, for example, check their smartphone 34 times a day on average and more than 60 per cent of travellers want real-time travel information by mobile and believe it’s important for mobile to be part of a travel program.

Being able to book, edit, chat and view your itinerary whilst on the go is integral for the busy corporate traveller. We've recognised these trends and needs when we built our own intuitive end-to-end mobile corporate travel management platform.

That’s why our mobile app allows business travellers to search and book, edit, chat and view their itinerary all on the go.

Here are some of the great features of our app:

  • Update and view changes to your travel itinerary, communicate with the office, make last-minute flight and accommodation bookings; your team will immediately know what you’ve booked and where.
  • Corporate travellers can receive trip notifications and request trip approvals.
  • Instant messaging and live chat allows travellers to instantly communicate with who they need to and eliminates laborious editing and rebooking for simple trip changes.

For me, I loved building this app as it solves real user problems that are relevant to the modern corporate traveller. Being able to engage with a traveller with pertinent information at the right time is empowering, and gives control back to the traveller. Last time I travelled using the app, I loved getting a reminder to fill up with fuel an hour out from returning my rental car, and when there was a last minute gate change, I knew exactly where to go.

Locomote Demo