Business travel can be very enjoyable. You get to visit new destinations, get treated to expense-account meals, and spend time away from the office. However, despite all the perks and benefits, corporate travel has its drawbacks as people often find themselves pressed for time, which means they often gorge down their entire meal between meetings. Late-night takeout on the way back to the hotel, or constant room service, is not the healthiest choices you can make, especially when you’ve worked so hard on managing a balanced routine. Couple those habits with indulgent client dinners, and pretty soon the pounds start adding up while you’re away on travel. Luckily, with some discipline and planning, there are ways to take your healthy lifestyle with you on the road.

Monitor your nutritional intake

Snacking on something you bought at the airport while rushing to make the flight connection may be tempting, but it’s also the surest way to ruin your healthy habits. You know how difficult it is to wean yourself off of fatty foods and energy drinks, so don’t fall into the trap of reaching for one when you’re feeling tired or stressed. There are always healthy alternatives available and carefully monitoring what you eat throughout the day is something you shouldn’t forget while away on a business trip. Make sure you stick to your eating habits even on the road –choosing fresh fruit or raw, unsalted nuts to glazed donuts and sugar-packed sandwiches.

Hydrate regularly

Nothing more contributes to dehydration than frequent flying. It certainly doesn’t help that the most common choices for on-board drinks are soft drinks, juice, and coffee. Healthy travel, however, requires plenty of good, old H2O. People often mistake thirst for hunger, so doctors advise every time you have a craving, to drink a glass of water instead of eating something. Hydrating can significantly decrease the amount of food you eat throughout the day. Since you’re already training regularly, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of regular hydration, so make sure you’re always carrying a bottle of water with you when away on corporate travel.

Stick to your exercise schedule

The trick with business travel is not to allow yourself to succumb to hectic schedules, time zone changes, constant rushing and feeling stressed. The good news is – just because you’re away from home and can’t frequent your gym, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your daily training. A hotel room and a few easy workout moves while travelling will do you just as much good as a 30-minute session at the gym. Many hotels have modern training facilities, including swimming pools and SPA salons, where you can work out after a hard day’s work.

Don’t indulge

Business travel comes hand in hand with a lot of indulgent client lunches or dinners. In between an interesting conversation and meal with the client, you may find yourself downing one drink too many or eating over your daily food intake. It happens. There’s no need to go into details about the adverse effects of overeating on the body, so we’ll just limit ourselves to stressing the importance of exercising self-control. Stick to small portions and always ask waiters to bring your salad with the dressing ‘on the side’ – this can significantly reduce the calorie count of your meals.

We live in a busy world, where travel is a vital part of some people’s routine, but the good news is - it’s easier than you think to take your healthy lifestyle on the road. Follow your schedule, always read the nutritional information on labels, and never try to boost your mood with food. Sticking to these simple tips alone will make a big difference that will make it easier for your to stay healthy and in shape.


Written by Ross Fastuca @Locomote


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