We all know what we’re supposed to do: eat well, exercise regularly and get a good night’s sleep.

It’s not always easy to make that happen in our daily life, and it can become even harder when we’re travelling for business.

Even though we know we’ll perform better in that critical meeting or give a more engaging preparation if we’re rested, alert and firing on all cylinders, the reality is it’s not always possible to stay healthy away from home.

So here’s some practical ways to turn the theory we know into the practice we’d love, and stay healthy (or less unhealthy) while away on business travel.

Home and away

The good news is that the good practices you employ at home can go on the road with you, just with a little more planning.

For example, just as good regular hygiene can help avoid catching others’ germs at home or work, it’s the same when we’re travelling, so wash your hands reqularly and take a small hand sanitiser. Aim to stick to your regular routine as much as possible as this can also help ward off illness.

And just like at home, staying active is important. Pack your regular fitness gear – and use it. Corporate travel often involves delays and waiting, and airports have lots of corridors and long spaces, so wear comfortable shoes and get some steps in while you’re waiting for your next flight.

Moving also alleviates boredom, which can lead to overeating, that can set in during long delays. Make sure you have lots of things to entertain yourself: catch up on your favourite magazine, podcasts or that book you’ve been wanting to read. Catching up on work while you wait might also mean that your presentation or preparation is done when you reach your destination and you have spare time to relax or find the gym.

On the overeating front, as Executive Style so eloquently put it, ‘I've never seen anyone in the Qantas Lounge forcing people to eat all of the cheese, party pies and pastries, standing over them saying…suck down another five Crown Lagers.’

Sure, eating healthy is a challenge on the road. Putting a little more thought into the choices you make – go grilled instead of fried, ask for sauces on the side – can help, and if you know you can’t say no, call ahead and ask for the minibar to be removed from your room.

Plane delays or missing lunch because meetings overlap can be another trap, because you often grab the most convenient thing available. Pack yourself a little survival mix, like nuts, healthy snack bars or apples, and, while you’re at it, take a refillable water bottle with you to avoid dehydration, which can lead to headaches.

A little effort can lead to a much healthier corporate travel experience, just like Travelport Locomote’s intuitive end-to-end corporate travel platform can lead to a better experience for all involved. To find out how, chat to one of our team or book in a product demo today.

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