OK I admit it - I don't like to wait.

I never waited the full 30 minutes between eating an ice cream and swimming. I don't wait until the oven reaches the exact pre-heat temperature and I don't believe the old adage that 'good things come to those who wait'.

So if you're anything like me, you wont want to wait until The Business Show in London on Feb 21-22, to see our presentation. So here is a sneak peek:

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Despite the many technological advances that help us control our business operations, corporate travel remains - for too many organisations - a pain in the balance sheet.

We understand that managing corporate travel can be complicated, but it shouldn't be. 

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We help companies reduce the cost and time taken to manage travel, by providing a unique platform that does everything from, planning, approving and booking travel, while enabling duty of care and traveler safety all from one place.

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We help you challenge the status quo and deliver the ultimate travel program. This is characterised by fundamental improvements in Choice, Performance, Experience & Intelligence.

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So don’t let corporate travel be a pain in the balance sheet. Visit us at the Business Travel Show to learn how you can maximise the return on every trip.


Business Travel Show
Feb 21-22
London OIympia
Stand B1400


Locomote Demo