We all know that someone who is an eternal pessimist. An individual who never sees the good in anything and has a toxic nature that is incomprehensible and defies logic.

While some of these people are ignorant of the negative impact that their actions and attitudes have on those around them, there are others who feed off the chaos they cause and look for ways to push your buttons.

They might be work colleagues who you might have to co-exist with. If this is the case, here some tips on how to handle such characters:

1) Set clear boundaries

Negative people complain a lot and tend to focus on the problem and not solutions. They also like to grovel in their grievances and desperately seek out a pity party. Due to their bickering, most people tend to indulge them as a polite gesture and get sucked into the vortex of their negativity.

The best way to deal with them is to set limits and get as far away from them as possible. Politely let them know the things that you wouldn't accept.

If you can't avoid them and you're stuck listening to their complaints, turn the tables around and ask them how they intend on fixing the issue - this will either make them stop their gripping or redirect the conversation in a healthier and productive direction.

2) Don't let your emotions get the best of you

Emotionally intelligent people tend to succeed in this area. They understand that when disagreements occur, and you leave your emotions unchecked, one digs their heels in and responds to the situation in a way that can leave them emotionally bruised.

Due to the self-awareness that comes with having a high EQ, such people can manage their emotions and that of others. They also choose their battles wisely and don't allow negative emotions to get the best of them.

3) Rise above any petty games

Many negative and toxic people act in irrational ways - they intentionally rile other people for no good reason.

It is important to learn to spot these illogical behaviors from afar so you can distance yourself from their emotional games and rise above it.

4) Learn to tune out unconstructive comments or remarks

In a situation where something good happens to you, such negative individuals will make snide comments to steal away your joy or accomplishment. For this reason, you need to develop a thick skin and tin ears so you can tune these people out.

5) Be quick to forgive and move on

As opposed to these negative people who hold on to grudges - and expect you to do the same - emotionally intelligent people are quick to forgive and let go of such negative emotions and move on; this way they're not ruled by malice.

6) Eradicate negative talk

There might be instances when you absorb the negativity of such people, and you start to doubt your ability and talk negatively to yourself - nip this in the bud immediately this happens. That way you don't sink to their level.


 Written by Ross Fastuca @Locomote  


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