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The following enhancements have been introduced.  

Profile API - Allow consumer to GET list of HOTEL suppliers via the API for Preferences tab   

As part of our Profile API enhancements, we now allow API consumers to GET a list of hotel supplier names/codes that Locomote supports for the Preferences tab of Profiles 

Refer - Pull request #4846 (LM-6625)  

Remove cost centre override function for Cost Centre Allocation module  

We have removed the ability to override a cost centre via the Cost Centre Allocation module, in addition to Travel Details, as this functionality was not providing value.  



Refer - Pull request #4821 (LM-6818)  

Enable Itinerary navigation tab when PNR code is added to an existing quote option, in order to view the live itinerary  

We now support live itineraries for all trip types in the platform. Travellers will be shown a new Itinerary tab on the left-hand navigation menu, which will enable them to view a copy of their itinerary.  

 Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.09.50 am


Refer - Pull request #4820 (LM-6569)  

Improve emails for car booking  

We have improved the content in our emails for vehicle segments.  The information is now clearer and simple to understand. Travellers will now know exactly where they need to be, as well as consistent and clear date/time formats, regardless of if the users booking was for an online or offline booking.  

Refer - Pull request #4798  (LM-5392  CBT)  and Pull request #2910 (LM-5392  TMP) 


Profile API - Allow eProfile to GET Meal preferences from Locomote   

As part of our Profile API enhancements, we now allow API consumers to GET a list of meal preferences, which returns all of the meal preferences that Locomote profiles support.  

Refer - Pull request #4825   (LM-4825)  

Update Authorisation section of a workflow  

We have updated the design when creating a new workflow. The Authorisation table is now correctly aligned and appears easier to configure 


Refer - Pull request #4817  (LM-6794)  

'Resubmit for authorisation' enhancements  

We now display the correct action when a TMC user wants to `Re-submit a quote option for authorisation 


Refer - Pull request #4829  (LM-6897)  

Profile API -  Update Schema and Documentation for Seating Preferences  

Update API Schema and Documentation for Seating Preferences  

Refer - Pull request #4823 (LM-4802)   

Enable 'View Quote' when PNR code is added to an existing quote option  

When a TMC user adds a PNR code (reloc) to a quote option, we now display a dynamic preview of the quote when the traveller clicks the View Quote button.  A modal (pop-up) will appear with the travellers live itinerary.  

Refer - Pull request #4812  (LM-5776)  


Ability to rename Modules   

We have now added the ability for a Company Admin user to update the Label name of any module in the platform. This will allow companies to use their own specific labelling for modules, thus creating a more customisable experience for travellers.  

Before label change After label change 


Refer - Pull request #4778  (LM-6725) 

All uAPI results are displayed if a Travelfusion sourced airline is selected as Preferred  

We now display all fares from both our GDS sourced content and Travelfusion content when a user filters onscreen content by a specific carrier  

Search results properly filtered by preferred airline selected by user.  

Refer - Pull request #2909 (LM-6855)  

User Interface updates to the 'Expiry date' field while adding a credit card at CBT checkout  

We have changed the type of input field for credit card expiry date from select to input  





Refer - Pull request #2888 (LM-5465)  

Seat maps -  Seat select pop-up  

We now support a pop-up modal when selecting a seat from the seat map.  The modal will contain the following information.  

  • Complimentary for no cost  
  • Seat number  
  • Window/Aisle  
  • Ability to "Select" the seat  


Note:  This will not be released in the user interface until the entire seat map work is completed.  

Refer - Pull request #2911 (LM-5272)  

Conferma - Checkout page options  

As part of our integration with Conferma virtual card payment solution, when Conferma is enabled within the company admin settings of the Locomote booking tool,  "Company Virtual Card" will be available as one of the flight payment options on checkout for the traveller.  


Refer - Pull request #2922  (LM-6592)   


We have fixed the following issues -  

Introduction video for first time users  

Replace the introduction video for first time users with a working link so users are greeted with a video when logging onto the system for the first time.  

Refer - Pull request #4848  (LM-7059)  

Limit Street address line length   

Due to a character length restriction from the Travelfusion service we now have to reduce the street address length to avoid errors in the booking workflow.  

Refer - Pull request #2916  (LM-6921) 

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