A horse is a horse of course of course BUT with our new car booking chargebacks you will always finish first past the post.

Vehicle Chargebacks: Update

Agency Administrators will now be able to link a Chargeback ID/PIN to a Corporate and/or Public Rate via the CBT Admin (LM-3305):


The purpose of the Vehicle Chargeback field is to advise the form of payment code to the car vendor. Travellers and Travel Arrangers can still enter their car loyalty memberships in their profiles (Loyalty tab).

File Finishing: Missing Filed Fares

Agency Administrators can now configure file finishing item trip.hasMissingFiledFares (LM-2109), which will identify one of the following values:

  • false - there are no missing filed fares
  • true - there are missing filed fares

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2340: update Authorisers' ability to edit Department and/or Cost Centre for trip request (prior to approval)
  • LM-3344: resolve Hotel policy ignored due to 'Invalid Location Information' 

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