Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-5099: hide expired credit cards on check-out
  • LM-5398: update design for the drop downs on Locomote booking tool
  • LM-5557: add hotel address to Locomote email notification
  • LM-5757: filter TravelFusion results by preferred airline (Advance Search)
  • LM-5684: ability for Travel Consultant to add PNR to existing quote options
  • LM-6271: remove mandatory requirement for Effective From date field (Passports)
  • LM-6364: add Import/Export functionality for Agency Rates (CBT - Admin)
  • LM-6473: add ability to relabel the Additional Information module
  • LM-6507: add file finishing item Traveller's Title
  • LM-6554: add carrier configuration option to workflows with TravelFusion
  • LM-6588: add maintenance message for CBT production deployments
  • LM-6800: add file finishing item for Traveller's address fields
  • LM-1639: prevent Agency Administrators updating Traveller profiles (CBT)
  • LM-2473: resolve incorrect error message for Time field
  • LM-5373: resolve seat map seat row error
  • LM-5766: update flight fixture/logo for Best Fares Per Carrier section
  • LM-6343: resolve exporting Trip Request report issue (Part 1) 
  • LM-6471: resolve error when viewing Trip Details page
  • LM-6483: resolve Trip Request Report displaying multiple TMP-IDs
  • LM-6495: resolve adding Loyalty Membership on check-page issue
  • LM-6677: resolve Custom Content line break issue (CBT - Agency Admin)
  • LM-6817: resolve Effective From field in passport issue (Documents) 

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