We plead guilty to some great product updates & bug fixes.

Custom Content: Missing Hotel Segment

Agency Administrators can now activate a display message via the Company Custom Content in CBT-Agency when an overnight flight does not contain a hotel segement (LM-1485): LM-1485 Config.png

Travellers/Travel Arrangers will then be presented with a warning message: LM-1485 Message.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2656: remove 'Associate Prof' from Title field in users' profiles
  • LM-3172: update policy violation UI
  • LM-3385: separate paymenent options for Hotel and Car bookings
  • LM-3433: hide low cost carrier flight content if no FOP is configured
  • LM-3478: dynamically update a travellers dashboard itinerary routing
  • LM-3677: deactivate workflows when Authoriser Group requires config.
  • LM-3875: mark lowest fare green for 'international' flights
  • LM-3862: add Clear All button to Global Message text editor
  • LM-4011: add PNR field validation on Quotes page
  • LM-2459: resolve credit card not defaulting at checkout
  • LM-2488: resolve department credit card archive issues (CBT)
  • LM-2936: resolve Audit tab error for Company Administrators
  • LM-3863: resolve incorrect Successful of profile export when error exists
  • LM-3876: resolve View Quote functionality for manual quote with PNR
  • LM-3969: resolve international flight modify search issue 
  • LM-4014: restore white background to trip search field

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