Corporate booking tool


The following enhancements have been introduced:

LM-7406 Show the warning message about policy changes for Ryanair

Due to changes with Ryanair's baggage policy, we are required to add an additional information panel on the booking tool checkout page to inform the user of the changes to the entitlement around hand luggage. This message is currently conditional to Ryanair flights and will not be shown with any other airlines and only on those customers with Travelfusion enabled.


See also:

Pull request #2997


LM-7248 Policy - Air apply policy by region - Implement logic to identify if flight is international or domestic

Flight type is now supported (domestic or international) identified by region/country when reading policy configurations from uPolicy. This allows us to correctly apply the policy rules based on the location search.


See also:

Pull request #2986



Populate location object for hotel offline request

This is an internal fix in the backend of the booking tool that is required for TMP to support non-IATA locations. The update prevents the TMP from crashes when travellers/travel arranges request an offline hotel with non-IATA location using an online workflow:

See also:

Pull request #2977


LM-6541 Seat maps: seats new UI Desktop

Mobile design for the new version of the Seat map was added. 
New Seat Map design is feature toggled. Therefore this update is not visible for end users and doesn't affect them.


See also:

Pull request #2976


LM-6790 List of Brands Options without services

The list of Brand options was implemented for Online International workflow in the scope of Fare Families feature. This task is feature toggled. Therefore this update is not visible for end users and doesn't affect them.


See also:

Pull request #2981


Branded Fares Service

LM-6995: [CBT] UI/UX improvements for "Expiry date" input fields for credit cards (part 1)

Several UI/UX improvements were made for "Expiry date" input fields for credit cards.



See also:

Pull request #2974


LM-5538 Add Fare Families Config in the admin panel

The Fare Families for a policy group has been added with the ability for the administrator to configure. The administrator can now if they would like Fare Families up-sell enabled or disabled. The Fare Families Up-sell will provide the traveller information around the higher fares so they can make a more informed decision on which fare they would like to travel on.

Added Setting for the administrator:

See also:

Pull request #2983



The following issues have been fixed:

LM-7517 CBT translation engine does not properly parse some translation keys from views

Fixes the problem of some of the UI translation keys not being properly parsed and added to Crowdin.

See also:

Pull request #3008


Temporary fix for CI

See also:

Pull request #3006

LM-7461 "Communication Error" when searching for Berlin Flights using City code

An issue has been fixed where TF route list updater ran too many calls and caused an out of memory issue. The issue is resolved by running a route list for each unique TF login IDs. There are no customer-facing changes.

See also:

Pull request #2998


LM-7422 Resolve missing BrandId in search response causing search failures

There was an issue with online international flight searches where some specific location combinations (destination and arrival) were not returning any search results due to issues with branding. This was displayed to travellers as a communication error. Fixes have now been applied to the code, which removes this specific error. All flight searches should now be returning the correct information.

See also:

Pull request #2992


LM-4731 Frequent Renter Number displaying incorrectly in Frequent Flyer field

The loyalty card number for Europcar, Thrifty and Avis has been fixed. Users are now able to insert a car rental loyalty card number (Europcar, Thrifty and Avis) and it will now be displayed on the PNR for agencies. This will allow the agent to use the travellers loyalty card.

Pull request #2985




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