In celebrity news, Prince Harry & US actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement today. Not wanting to steal the spotlight, we limited our product updates to the list below.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1921: deactivate View Quote button when air segments has no filed fare
  • LM-2852: hide approval related messaging for workflows without approvals
  • LM-3374: remove Bulkhead, Exit and Any from profile seat preferences
  • LM-3427: update UI/UX for Reason for Travel module
  • LM-3864: update currency code in the Itinerary Quotes section (TMC)
  • LM-1925: resolve CIBT link in International Visa module
  • LM-2559: resolve Add Visa duplication issue
  • LM-3125: resolve cancelling trip request issue
  • LM-3898: resolve add Itinerary Quote scrolling issue 
  • LM-3966: resolve CBT iFrame issue for mobile

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