Whilst the Australian Commonwealth Games team is going from strength to strength winning Gold Medals, we've been busy updating and improving our TMP dashboard, adding TravelFusion configuration option in Workflows and so much more. 

See all our product updates for the week below. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-4145: improve loading performance for TMP dashboard
  • LM-5041: add TravelFusion configuration option in Workflows
  • LM-5116: hide profile warning messages when Feedback Survey is displayed
  • LM-5140: update TMP 404 page for Locomote Mobile App users
  • LM-5198: update Company Admin pages layout for mobile
  • LM-5218: update user icon in Itinerary Review email received by Travellers
  • LM-5244: display Baggage Not Included icon for international flights
  • LM-5307: hide Invite New Users button for Company Admins on mobile
  • LM-2811: resolve search criteria saving issue for international flight searches
  • LM-2900: resolve Trip Details saving issue for CBT one-way faring workflows
  • LM-5301: resolve Attach Quote button issue
  • LM-5381: resolve Archived tab issue for Employee Groups

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