Here's a fun fact: citizens of Monaco cannot legally gamble – the famous Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is only for tourists.

If you plan to visit that casino, these updates & fixes may help you get there.

Homeport Preference

Travellers and Travel Arrangers can now nominate a City / Airport in the Travellers' profile (Preferences) as a default reference when submitting an online trip request* (LM-2587):


Booking Tool

LM-2587 II.png

*Booking tool module upfront only.

Authoriser: Role Delegation Update

Authorisers who have been assigned the approval responsibility of another Authoriser via Role Delegation will receive an email at the start of the delegation period to advise the number of trip requests now pending their approval (LM-2536):


The Authoriser will be able to view the trip requests in the Pending Authorisation tab on their Dashboard. 

Profile Status: Exporters

The Profiles page within Locomote has been updated to flag profile issues (LM-601):


Travel Arrangers and Company Adminstrators will now be able to click Attention required to view all of the exporters associated to the profile:

LM-601 II.png

To identify the profile issue, simply click Copy status and paste the error message in an email or live chat and let our Support Team help you fix the problem!

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1741: seat preference added to PNR
  • LM-1786: add financial data for Tramada integration
  • LM-2822: display CVV field only when a credit card is selected on checkout
  • LM-2758: add airline logos to email notications for online trip requests
  • LM-2834: add car vendor logos to email notifications for online trip requests
  • LM-3043: update air Fare Rule module window UI
  • LM-459: resolve profile update behaviour inconsistency
  • LM-3206: resolve Cost Centre creation incorrect validation error
  • LM-3309: resolve incorrect icons in CBT
  • LM-3393: resolve Pay Direct option issue at checkout

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