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Workflows: Global Message

Company Administrators can add a custom message for workflows, which will be displayed every time a user creates a trip request (LM-2186):


Global Message: Trip RequestGlobal Message.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2893: add validation message for Department name/code duplicate
  • LM-3085: update button UI for cancelling a trip request
  • LM-3233: update Users report to include additional profile fields
  • LM-3239: add TQ Reference number to email notifications for TMCs
  • LM-2475: resolve search logic on Office page
  • LM-2559: resolve Add Visa button duplication issue
  • LM-2671: resolve text issue for Email My Trip Details module
  • LM-3620: remove ability for Authoriser to override cost centre default
  • LM-3646: remove Edit button from Authoriser's view
  • LM-3657: resolve Cost Centre drop-down resize issue (mobile)

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