'Harmony Day' was celebrated on 21st March in Australia celebrating inclusiveness, diversity and respect for all.

This weekend marks the start of the Men's AFL season, the Grand Final of the Women's AFL and the Grand Prix. Good luck to all players and spectators and remember to take with you the message from Harmony Day as you enjoy your weekend of sport. 

And whilst you're enjoying watching your favourite sport, we've got some great new updates for you to check out. 

Emails: Quote(s) About to Expire

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now receive an email to advise that the quote(s) associated to their trip request will soon expire (LM-3365):


Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1333: update default map for hotel maps
  • LM-3108: add date of birth entry field on check-out (TravelFusion)
  • LM-4489: update Locomote logo in emails
  • LM-4976: update font on Feedback Survey question
  • LM-4840: remove Back to Trip Details button from Locomote app
  • LM-5023: deactivate Feedback Survey for Locomote app
  • LM-5056: remove Save as Draft and Cancel button from Locomote app (offline workflows only)
  • LM-5083: add Japanese-version of Agency Department email notifications
  • LM-5048: resolve error alert layout in Locomote app
  • LM-5193: resolve Passport and Visa headings in Documents tab

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