Regional leaders gathered in Manilla this week to celebrate our latest product updates. 

Travel Requirements module: Update

The Travel Requirements module UI has been updated to help Travellers and Travel Arrangers add and remove items with ease (LM-3131):

Original UI/UXLM-3131 Old Design.png

New UI/UXLM-3131.png

PNR Field for Itinerary Quotes

Travel Consultants can now enter a PNR when creating an Itinerary Quote (LM-2849):



Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1916: update formatting for Trip Notification email
  • LM-2165: update Jetstar and Virgin (TransTasman) fare bucket display
  • LM-3080: remove Search All button from mobile UI/UX
  • LM-3127/3349: update workflows filter by Travel Details Country list
  • LM-3299: hide Travel Consultants from Company users list
  • LM-3382: update Name field in Policy Group to mandatory
  • LM-3420: hide VIP field to non-VIP Travellers
  • LM-1376: resolve airport data inconsistency in Country Risk module
  • LM-2640: resolve email notification sent to Traveller issue

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