We would put a skeleton pun here to celebrate Dia de los Muertos but its not so humerus... so enjoy these bone-afide product updates instead!

Locomote is happy to announce that over the next few months we will be introducing new designs to our booking tool. Don't worry, it's not just about looks! The update will also help to improve the user experience by introducing new call to action buttons so Travellers and Travel Arrangers are prompted where to click to successfully complete their booking. These new designs will be important as we introduce new features and services to our platform. 

Booking Tool Search: Modify Search

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see a new Modify Search button once they have generated search results in the booking tool, which will allow the user to update the search parametres. 

Flight SearchLM-2550 Search Results.png

Flight Modify: search fields hidden (LM-2550)LM-2550 Modify.png

Flight Update: click 'Modify Search', search fields reappearLM-2550 Update Search.png

Hotel SearchLM-2551 Search Results.png

Hotel Modify: search fields hidden (LM-2551)LM-2551 Modify.png

Hotel Update: search fields reappearLM-2551 Update Search.png

Car SearchLM-2553 Search Results.png

Car Modify: search fields hidden (LM-2553)LM-2553 Modify 1.png

Car Update: search fields reappearLM-2553 Update Search 1.png

Policy Groups

Company Administrators will now see a new design for the Policy Groups page (LM-477):


To deactivate a Policy Group, Company Administrators simply need to click on the State slider to change it from Active (green) to Inactivate (grey): 

LM-477 Inactivate.png

LM-477 Inactive.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1150: add disclaimer when a Country Risk List is is activate in a workflow
  • LM-2634: add minimum date range for reports (from 01/01/2014)
  • LM-3226: deactivate Cost Review option when creating an online workflow
  • LM-3256: update trip request completed page UI
  • LM-3474: update car vendor logo UI in email notifications
  • LM-2568: resolve "Communication Error" bug when searching in CBT
  • LM-2653: remove Role Delegation tab on Traveller/Travel Arrangers profiles
  • LM-2939: resolve 'User documents attachment can't be blank' issue
  • LM-3003: resolve incorrect remaining dats for Authorisation Deadline
  • LM-3245: resolve 'Quick Search' special characters issue (CBT Admin)
  • LM-3364: resolve duplication of Authoriser name on trip request completed page
  • LM-3396: resolve membership created when deactivating Employee Group
  • LM-3507: resolve spelling error in Cost Centre error notification

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