Athletes will be flying from across the globe to head to Queensland shortly for the Commonwealth Games. In other gold-medal winning news, check out Locomote's latest product enhancements, including an update to the Special Request field and remember: whether you're an athlete or a business traveller - with or without special requests - we've got you covered.  

CBT Company Settings: Special Request field (optional)

Agency Administrators will now be able to deactivate the Special Request field on the check-out page of the booking tool (LM-4003)*:

CBT - Agency Admin: Company > Settings LM-4003.png

Check-out (enabled)LM-4003 Enabled.png

Check-out (deactivated) LM-4003 Deactivated.png

*As part of this product enhancement, the UI of the Company > Settings page has been updated.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3343: implement custom error page for downtime/under maintenance
  • LM-3789: update banner colours (red/yellow/green)
  • LM-4623: add Alternative Title field to Traveller's profile (CBT) 
  • LM-4626: add functionality to export Alternative Title from TMP to CBT
  • LM-4627: add workflow tooltip for deactivated workflow when Alternative Title needs to be updated in Traveller's profile
  • LM-4839: export Alternative Title from TMP to uProfile (via CBT)
  • LM-4906: add error validation for new Departments (max. 128 characters)
  • LM-4938: update Declaration module (minor UI)
  • LM-5001: display offline workflows in Locomote mobile app
  • LM-5004: prevent archiving of Company Office if employees are assigned
  • LM-4750: display "Inactive" text (Cost Centre admin page)
  • LM-4801: resolve TMC notification issue for trips in Importing Itinerary state
  • LM-4808: resolve NPS frequency for by-passed Feedback Survey
  • LM-4844: resolve Select Seat issue in Internet Expolorer 11
  • LM-5046: resolve Visa module issue 

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