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Welcome to our Product Updates for Tuesday 4th September. As always, should you have any questions in relation to these changes, please reach out.


The following enhancements have been introduced: 

Hide Per Diem Allowance from sidebar if client has standard pricing tier  

As the Per Diem module is a Premium module, it should not appear on the sidebar for clients that are on our Standard pricing tier, therefore it has now been removed  

Refer - Pull request #4886 (LM-7044)  

Trip Request Report to display correct module name 

Now that we allow modules to be renamed, the customised name(s) will now appear as the  column title in the Trip Request Report.  

Refer - Pull request #4850 (LM-6891) 

Disable multi-level workflow if profile does not contain the 2nd level Authoriser   

If a 2nd level Authoriser is not specified in the Traveller's profile, then the process for multi-level approval will not apply for the specified workflow.    

Refer - Pull request #4874 (LM-6913)  

Changed report format to zip  

Company Administrators and Site Administrators will receive the reports below compressed in ZIP file format to improve performance:  

  • Trip requests report  
  • FBT Travel Diaries report  
  • FBT Travel Declaration report  
  • Simplified FBT Travel diary report  
  • Approval ATR report  

 Refer - Pull request #4866  (LM-6888)  

 Inform users making profile updates that CBT is in maintenance mode  

We will now be informing users if CBT is in maintenance mode whilst they are updating their TMP profile.   We will also be retrying automatically until the profile is updated successfully or we reach the retry limit.  

Refer - Pull request #4822 (LM-3798)  

 Pre-populate the Agency Department Code with the Department Name  

When CBT Admin creates a new Agency Department, the Department Code pre-populates with the same text as the Department Name.    

Additionally, symbols will be in lowercase and special characters, such as !@#$+ will be  skipped in the "Code" field.   Spaces will be replaced with "_ (eg: Sales and Account Management would become sales_and_account_management ) 

Department Code can still be edited manually, at which time it won't be pre-populated automatically   

Note:  There is no validation on Agency Department Name and Code duplicates in the system, therefore CBT Admin should be responsible for checking Code uniqueness  



Refer - Pull request #2952 (LM-7018)  


Ability to COPY a Workflow and modules in TMP  

Currently, existing Workflows cannot be edited.  As Workflows come with many different options and settings to configure, it is increasingly difficult for a Company Admin to recreate a workflow.  Therefore, we now allow Company Admins to recreate (clone) an existing Workflow in use, so that they can be replicated and subsequently adjusted as required.   

Note Although Company Admins are able to create new workflows, it is recommended not to do so without the proper training, due to the risk of inputting wrong data, specific to ticketing, queues, and other settings that may require Tramada integration. 


Refer - Pull request #(LM-2330)  

Improve email notifications for workflows using the Per Diem module, when Per Diem info is not provided  

We have added "(none provided)" message in the Allowances section of trip notification emails when the trip has no per diem (activity or daily allowances) specified:  


Refer - Pull request #4888 (LM-7107)  

Warning message to Consultant when click on "Submit/Resubmit quote" button and there are quotes in editing state  

Currently, if a Consultant submits a quote and there are quotes in editing state, then the quotes in editing state are not saved.   

We will now inform the Consultant that the quote(s) in editing state will be lost if they continue to submit/Resubmit quotes.    


Refer - Pull request #4883 (LM-6969)  

Validating text for Emergency Contact Name   

The Full Name field must have 2 names (first and last name), as this information is used downstream.   We have made updates to the error message displayed when the input is incorrect.  This will help used identify the issue and make necessary corrections.  

Note Users need to input First name and Last name, separated by a space.  Single initials (i.e.  P Davis) are not accepted.  Each name must be greater than 2 characters. 


Refer - Pull request #4875 (LM-7078)   

TravelFusion carriers missed in preferred airlines filter  

Now, such airlines as RyanAir  are available in "Preferred airlines or alliances" selector. Travellers can now search for RyanAir in "Preferred airlines or alliances" advanced options.  



Refer - Pull request #2947 (LM-6854)  

Enable File finishing to support LCC (Travel Fusion) card charge values  

This improvement will add credit card fees costs to file finishing for TravelFusion sourced flights. This will allow Agencies to utilities the card type field and understand if the card the Traveller is booking with attracts handling fees.  

Refer - Pull request #2900 (LM-4236) 

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