At the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924 in Chamonix, France, over 10,000 people were paid to watch the games as the organisers were concerned about low attendance. 

You'll do a quadruple axel and twizzle after reading these updates below.

Seat Map: Design Update

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see an option to select Lower deck or Upper deck* when selecting a seat for the flight on the check-out page (LM-4294): LM-4294.png

No seats available on selected deck: LM-4294 NA.png*If the aircraft only has one deck, the Lower and Upper deck option will not appear.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2304: users can now store only one seat preference on their profile
  • LM-2558: display visa expiration warning notification on dashboard
  • LM-2704: invalid loyalty memberships will not be selectable on check-out
  • LM-3120: enable Feedback Survey prompt for Risk Authoriser
  • LM-3419: update Hotel room rate information UX
  • LM-3668: update error validation message on module radio dials
  • LM-4100: update tooltip message for workflow if missing authoriser (group)
  • LM-4321: hide keyboard when selecting dates on a tablet device
  • LM-4388: update UI for when updating profiles with multiple exporters
  • LM-4712: add hover text for files attached to Supporting Documents module

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