Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on winning Super Bowl LII.

Check out these super updates.

Hotel Search Results: Nightly Rates

The Approx. Rate for hotel bookings has been updated to help Travellers and Travel Arrangers select the best room rates (LM-3470): 

Hotel search results will display the Approx. Nightly RateLM-3470 Search.png

Checkout page will display the Approx. Rate (total) LM-3470 Checkout.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2171: remove Issuer field for credit cards (Financial tab)
  • LM-3513: update profile error to support email prompt to Support
  • LM-3664: update error validation for module dropdown fields
  • LM-3999: create passive/offline hotel segment UI
  • LM-4226: reorder filter menu for flight search results
  • LM-4592: update Quote(s) Expired trigger for non-approval workflows
  • LM-4599: update Quote(s) Expired email subject line

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