Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-4095: add file finishing to support selling and local currency conversion values (Travelfusion)
  • LM-5156: display "Out of Policy" icon if applies to all fares in the row (mobile)
  • LM-5782: add Import/Export functionality for Agency Rates (CBT - Admin)
  • LM-5830: display Role Delegation Authoriser/Risk Authoriser (if applicable when removing Authoriser/Risk Authoriser role)
  • LM-5913: add filtering for Assign via Groups pages
  • LM-6056: update 'warning' message for Supporting Documents module
  • LM-6122: Visa Requirements module advises on hotel and/or car segment only trip requests
  • LM-6166: update modify status on Quotes page for [no approval workflows]
  • LM-6168: update warning messages when credit card is expiring/expired
  • LM-6173: add Cost Review process for workflows with no approval
  • LM-6299: update Reason for Travel module free text field character limit
  • LM-1467: resolve validation issues when TMC adds Quote for submission
  • LM-4850: resolve date format issue in emails
  • LM-5810: resolve Employee Group Type reference data
  • LM-5987: resolve error when adding new leg to multi-city flight search
  • LM-6077: resolve Visa Requirements module not displaying if no passport
  • LM-6116: resolve Visa Requirements module not displaying all passports information for single-destination trips
  • LM-6237: resolve text wrapping issue for workflow names
  • LM-6398: resolve 'Something went wrong' issue for Supporting Document

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