We're thrilled to share with you our new Support Help Centre which we've worked pretty hard at upgrading to help improve your experience even more. We look forward to hearing your feedback after you check it out and our other updates below.

Locomote Support Centre

Travelport Locomote has recently upgraded their Support Help Centre. The Help Centre provides many answers to common questions as well as tips and tricks on getting the most out of the Locomote tool: Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 4.31.44 pm

Please join us at: and bookmark for future reference!

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-1307: update text in 'Ticket By' Booking error message
  • LM-3454: update International Visas module
  • LM-3735: display Travelfusion fare rules on the search results page
  • LM-4279: add selling currency costs on shopping screen for Travelfusion
  • LM-4469: update date picker design
  • LM-4666: change font families (TMP)
  • LM-5245: add baggage included icon (international flights)
  • LM-5246: update baggage not included icon
  • LM-5366: update Quotes page design
  • LM-5407: update mobile UI responsiveness for modal components
  • LM-5441: update check-out page logic for car bookings
  • LM-5506: update Reason for Travel UX
  • LM-5549: archived users' profile restored accessing Locomote via SSO
  • LM-5602: update filtering options for air search results
  • LM-5666: update sort functionality on Employee Groups page
  • LM-5686: enable FBT Diary to show first activity when user opts to enter
  • LM-5689: update spinner design for Safari and Internet Explorer browsers
  • LM-5698: collapse Travel History section by default on TMC Dashboard
  • LM-6001: update Apply Visa button in Visa Requirements module
  • LM-5175: resolve confirmation message for Admin pages (e.g. Offices)
  • LM-5282: resolve CBT expiry session within TMP
  • LM-5697: resolve Supporting Documents module layout
  • LM-5796: update "Booking reference" to "Airline reference" (Quotes page)
  • LM-5812: resolve Messages fail to send issue (IE, Edge & Safari)
  • LM-5838: add car vendor logo to emails
  • LM-5434: resolve incorrect validations of Supporting Documents module
  • LM-5434: resolve incorrect validations of Travel Requirements module
  • LM-5670: resolve grey space on Locomote mobile app
  • LM-5713: Company Admins can edit FBT Calculator travel diary entries
  • LM-5842: resolve ability for user to select year on Locomote mobile app
  • LM-5850: resolve attaching documents to Messages issue
  • LM-5887: resolve data duplication for Fare Basis field in fare rules 
  • LM-5914: resolve bulk assignment of Travellers to Travel Arrangers issue
  • LM-6040: resolve Travelfusion content display issue

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