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Welcome to our product update for the 28th August 2018. We understand there's a lot to take in over a short period of time as we send through four separate updates covering the last four weeks.

So, please reach out should you have any questions or need any assistance. We are all happy to help where we can. 


The following enhancements have been introduced:

Improvement to resetting password functionality (better feedback) 


Refer - Pull request #4810  (LM-4934)  

Traveller/Travel Arranger  can add and/or edit Per Diem Activities or Daily Allowance per workflow  

Traveller/Travel Arranger can add allowances to a Trip.  

 Allowances are displayed under the trip for every User who has rights to review the Trip.  

Allowances data is added to email notifications, including emails to TMCs and Authorisers.  


Known limitations are:  

  • Company Admin cannot add allowances if they were previously deleted 
  • Company Admin cannot configure Daily and Activity allowances simultaneously  

Refer - Pull request #4844  (LM-6333)  


Profile API - Allow API consumer to GET a list of airlines, which are available for selection in the Preferences tab of Locomote Profiles  

This allows consumers of our Profile API to get a list of all the Airlines available for selection for the Airline Preferences field in Locomote Profiles.    

Refer - Pull request #4839 (LM-6624)  

Travelfusion - Delay at Checkout experience   

This feature is improving the users experience when booking a TravelFusion sourced flight.  If 3DS security is enabled for that airline, a 3rd party security check is completed on the customers credit card before they are able to process the booking.  A message advising the user that they are being transferred to the 3rd party supplier website and informing them that they are required to complete the security question, has been implemented.  

Refer - Pull request #2931 (LM-5268 

Travelfusion - Rename Notification email   

If TravelFusion content has been enabled, Administrators will now notice that Notification Email has been renamed to: 'Send Suppliers emails to'.  




Refer - Pull request #2929  (LM-6821)  

Enable real bookings in Demo environment for Travelfusion  

No changes for end users.   This new feature is to allow Locomote sales team to demo live TravelFusion fake bookings on CBT. This feature will not just benefit the sales team but will help testers test the TravelFusion application suite and will bring the same experience as seen in demonstrating  

Refer - Pull request #2928  (LM-6724) 


We have fixed the following issues:  

Workflows with Per Diem Allowance crash when trying to book  

You can no longer create a Trip with the Per Diem module that has not been configured properly.   

Refer - Pull request #4854  (LM-7079)  

'Cancel Trip' button doesnt work on the 'Trip Details' page  for online workflows 

On the approval details page, the Cancel Trip button will now invoke the Confirm Cancellation pop-up modal when the Proceed anyway option is selected.    

Refer - Pull request #4835 (LM-6317)  

Flight section scrolling issue for android mobile users  

Departures and returns are now scrolling correctly in Android Locomote Mobile App.  

Refer - Pull request #2919 (LM-6571)  

Rename currency formatter in FF to price  

We have updated File Finishing by renaming the "currency" field in File Finishing with "Price". This is to align file finishing with what is seen inside CBT today and to remove ambiguity for the Travel Arrangers.  

Refer - Pull request #2932 (LM-6830) 

Tramada file finishing fix (TRM-LCF)  

This is to fix an issue with File Finishing remark related to Tramada  When the value of any of the fields that are used in the file finishing is "zero" or "null" we append the word "NUC" to it.  This is causing issues, as Tramada is not able to process this unknown format.  

Before -  

TRM-LCF-JQSDBQ8S-S1-BF93.00 TX50.00BG0.00OT NUC 0.00 GSTY WS 08AUG 0520Z  

After -  

TRM-LCF-JQSDBQ8S-S1-BF93.00 TX50.00BG0.00OT0.00 GSTY WS 08AUG 0520Z  


Refer - Pull request #2927  (LM-6967) 

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