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Welcome to our Product Updates for Tuesday 25th September 2018. As always, please let us know if you have any questions with the latest Enhancements and Fixes. 


The following enhancements have been introduced:

TravelFusion validation during profile creation  

Ensures the Alternative Title field is mandatory only for new users (profiles), when All Employee group has at least one workflow with Travelfusion enabled.  

Refer - Pull request #4899  (LM-7114)  

ProfileAPI - Allow consumer to CREATE an Airline Preference via the API  

Only applicable to consumers of the Profile API 

All users can now create an airline preferences via the Profile API.  


Refer - Pull request #4925 (LM-6615)  

Enhancement for "Expiry date" input fields for credit cards (part 1)  

Below are a number of improvements to "Expiry date" input fields for credit cards -


Refer - Pull request #2974 (LM-6995  

Fare Families Configuration   Fare Families Up Sell 

Administrators can now configure Fare Families Up Sell for a policy group.  This provides the traveller with information about higher fare options, in order to make a more informed decision on which fare they would like to travel on.  



Refer - Pull request #2983 (LM-5538)  



The following issues have been fixed:  

Resolve missing BrandId in search response causing search failures  

Due to issues with branding, certain flight search combinations for Online International workflows were not returning any search results.   This resulted in the below error message (banner).   A fix has now been applied, and all flight searches should now be returning the correct information.  


Refer - Pull request #2992 (LM-7422)  

Frequent Renter Number displaying incorrectly in Frequent Flyer field  

Loyalty card number for Europcar, Thrifty and Avis have been fixed. Users are now able to insert a car rental loyalty card number (Europcar, Thrifty and Avis) and it will be displayed on the PNR for agencies. This will allow the agent to use the travellers loyalty card.  

Refer - Pull request #2985  (LM-4731)  

Fix error received by TMC when re-submitting a quote.  

When a Consultant clicked Resubmit' on an existing quote that is in edit mode,  in some edge cases this caused an Uncaught TypeError…” resulting in details of the quote lost without warning.  
Now, you will receive the following warning messages -  
“If you press Continue, unsaved data for existing quotes will be lost.' 

Refer Pull request #4915 (LM-7354) 

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