After a day of reflecting and remembering those who have served Australia and New Zealand, we've had some product updates and bug fixes. Check them out below. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3077: improve multi-select user experience on booking tool
  • LM-3081: update call-to-action buttons UI for mobile users
  • LM-4481: update Preferred Icon (English-version)
  • LM-4764: display airline booking references in email notifications
  • LM-4845: remove Select a workflow text on Travel Consultant Dashboard
  • LM-4928: update Quotes Issued email content for non-approval workflows
  • LM-5031: replace plane-bag-car loading image with generic spinner
  • LM-5016: replace Signing you in... message with generic spinner
  • LM-5101: add non-IATA locations for CBT Hotel Request
  • LM-5297: update message of active role delegation reminder for Authorisers
  • LM-5356: update design of Messages feature
  • LM-5427: add pending confirmation message for unconfirmed bookings
  • LM-5578: update Country Risk List page with additional countries
  • LM-5033: resolve Point of Interest issue when clicking on white space
  • LM-5360: resolve Quote Expired email issue (duplicate notifications)
  • LM-5537: resolve spinner issue post-Message sent
  • LM-5640: resolve issue when Traveller is removed from Travellers field

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