The white rhinoceros, also known as the square-lipped rhinoceros, is the second largest land mammal on Earth. The following product updates are even more interesting.

Email: Quotes Expired

Travellers and Traveller Arrangers will now receive an email when all the itinerary quotes on the trip request they submitted have expired (LM-386):


This will help prompt Traveller / Travel Arrangers to follow up with their travel management company to provide new quotes for the trip request. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3113: enable Feedback Survey for Authorisers
  • LM-3696: support managing Passport data via Locomote API
  • LM-3763: support managing Credit Card functionality to Locomote API
  • LM-3900: support lowest recommended fare policy config. for LCC
  • LM-3937: update Dacca (city name) with 'Dhaka'
  • LM-4090: enable file finishing to support LCC (TravelFusion) baggage info
  • LM-4320: update user experience for editing a trip request on mobile
  • LM-4396: add workflow name to delete workflow warning message
  • LM-911: resolve hotel 'display only' issue (uPolicy)
  • LM-2699: resolve error notification when creating Role Delegation for an archived Authoriser and/or Risk Authoriser
  • LM-3721: resolve risk approval trigger for hotel only trip requests
  • LM-4242: resolve incorrect message for Documents tab (Profiles)
  • LM-4277: resolve TravelFusion error booking Eurowings LHR-CDG
  • LM-4284: resolve emoticon size for Feedback Survey in Microsoft Edge
  • LM-4299: resolve entering alpha-numerical characters in Trip Title field
  • LM-4400: resolve missing flight numbers in passive segments (TravelFusion)
  • LM-4402: resolve Forward Authorisation with inactive Role Delegation issue

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