Happy New Year 2018!

In China the number 18 is considered very auspicious. It is associated with someone who is going to have great success and prosper. In the Hebrew language, the word for life (chai) has the numerical value of 18. This makes 18 a favourable number as it indicates hopes of a long life.  

In 2018 our team of dedicated, passionate professionals will continue to improve the product, as part of a mission to make corporate travel brilliantly simple.

Fix stop information hover state and remove animations from search results

There is now an enlarged area for triggering tooltip informing about flight stops. We have removed the animation while selecting a flight on a multi-step flight booking.


Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2944: Chargeback functionality has been cleaned up
  • LM-4029: resolved preferred carrier selection error on mobile
  • LM-4297: fixed the Return label for the selected state in international return and multi-city flights

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