Feedback Survey

Your feedback is important to us which is why we've built an online Feedback Survey. The survey will allow you to rate and comment on different aspects of our product which in turn will help us help you. 

How it will work? Once you have completed your core action based on your role within Locomote you will see the Feedback Survey. You will then be able to select a rating from 0-10 and provide a comment. Alternatively, you can click on Skip Rating if you prefer not to participate.

Note: the survey will only be activated once every six months. Click here to view a 
quick video demonstration.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3078: add Export trip states to CSV report to Messages page
  • LM-3193: update email validation error message (CBT - Agency Department)
  • LM-3854: implement 'On Account' option for hotels
  • LM-3663: add validation error for data picker
  • LM-3908: update Country Risk List page UI
  • LM-3710: update redirect for first-time users
  • LM-4025: add 'Private fare' tool-tip text (Mobile)
  • LM-4067: implement 'On Account' option for cars
  • LM-4107: add Enable Offline Hotels option (CBT - UI only)
  • LM-4168: add Settings tab to Travel Consultant profiles (Language)

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