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Welcome to our Product Updates for 18th September 2018. As always, we hope you find these useful. Should you have any questions about any of the Enhancements or Fixes, please reach out and we'll be happy to assist. 


The following enhancements have been introduced.  

Offline Quotes with PNR code should have 'View Itinerary' button  

If a PNR code has been added to a quote for an Offline booking, we now display the View Quote button to allow a traveller/authoriser to view the itinerary We will also no longer be displaying the View Quote button for quotes with only an attachment, as you will be able to view the uploaded quote by clicking on the name of the file (attachment).  

Note:  This is also dependent on Live Itinerary Service enabled via Site Admin 



Refer - Pull request #4895 (LM-7128)  

Profile API - Allow consumer to GET a list of Car Vendors 

Only affects consumers of the Profile API.  

Consumers of our API can now get a list of "car vendors" that Locomote supports via the Preferences tab for Locomote Profiles   

Refer - Pull request #4913  (LM-6626)  

Ability for Site Admins to Bulk Import Travel Arrangers  

Locomote Implementations team now has the ability to bulk import multiple Travel Arrangers into Locomote profiles.   

Refer - Pull request #4909  (LM-6563)  

Profile API -  Allow consumer to GET a list of Other Requests  

Only affects consumers of the Profile API.  

Consumers of our API can now get a list of "Other Preferences" that Locomote supports via the Preferences tab for Locomote Profiles.   

Refer - Pull request #4904  (LM-7050)  

 'Traveller details' should be consistent regardless of user role  

We have now made the "Traveller Details" section consistent for all users.   Previously the user interface was different for TMC than all other users.   

Note Travellers Job Title is appearing under Travellers Name as opposed to a separate heading.  

Refer - Pull request #4894  (LM-7138)  

Profile API - Remove Uid from meal preference API  

Only affects consumers of the Profile API.  

This update improves the consistency of our API, as we have removed the need for a Uid code for Meal Preferences via the API.   The POST and PATCH entries for Meal Preferences will now do the same thing, as profile can only have 1 meal preference.  

Refer - Pull request #4903  (LM-7077)  

Travelfusion - Remove non-alpha characters in cardholder name field  

To prevent booking failure for Travelfusion sourced airlines, we have removed the ability to enter non-alpha character in the card holders name field, for certain airlines that are applying validation in the name field. 

Refer - Pull request #2982  (LM-7327)  

Hotelzon - Hotel rules display under Room detail   

This feature is still in progress, therefore user won't see any changes yet. 

When a traveller selects a Hotelzon hotel, and a list of rooms are displayed, when they click on "Room details" they will see a list of the rules applicable for that rate/room.  


Refer - Pull request #2959  (LM-6491)   

New uAPI upgrade to integrate with uPolicy   

Add policy support for uAPi version 17.4 so that TMCs should be able use the new uAPI version with uPolicy.    

Search results should match the current version and show in/out of Policy icons 

Refer - Pull request #2953 (LM-7052)  

Translations of Seat Map for Axess BTM  

The new Seat Map Designs are marked with labels so that they can be translated into Japanese via Crowdin.  As this feature is still in progress, the design and functionality is not yet visible for users  

Refer - Pull request #2970  (LM-7039)   


We have fixed the following issues.  

CBT Departments are not synchronising with TMP updates  

For companies with Allow management of department credit cards enabled, it is now possible to edit company departments that have credit cards and have them exported to CBT without errors.  

Refer - Pull request #4878  (LM-6928)  

Sorting should be available via Site Admin  

We now allow admin users to sort the on-screen lists for Offices, Company Departments, Cost Centres and Policy Groups by clicking on the column heading.    

Refer Pull request #4896  (LM-7081)  

Show Country Risk for Hotel &/or Car only Trips  

Previously, there was an issue with the Country Risk module if there was no flight segment. If the module is configured, we now show Country Risk for every country which has Hotel AND/OR Car AND/OR Flight. We won't show Country Risk for first departure flight if it doesn't have hotel and car, as we assume that it is the Home airport.  





Refer - Pull request #4868 and Pull request #4887   (LM-7005 and LM-7204)  

Profile API -  Employee ID error (Canonical)  

Only affects consumers of the Profile API.  

We have fixed a profile creation error that was occurring due to work email address received via the API prior to EmployeeID.    

Refer - Pull request #2978  (LM-7237)  

New Seat Map design  Error displayed when user tries to open Seat Map after "back" button was clicked  

Previously, when the browser "Back" button was used to get to the checkout page where  "Select seat" button was available to be clicked, once the user clicked Select seat, a "General error" was displayed.   This has now been fixed.    

Refer - Pull request #2967  (LM-6992)  

Department Code should be trimmed the same as a Department Name  

In CBT, when an Admin user creates/edits an Agency Department and Code which is more than 12 characters long, the Department Code now displays trimmed as opposed to overlapping the email field.  



Refer - Pull request #2965  (LM-7207)

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