Did you know you can now book your flights in Australia and New Zealand only a few hours out from travel? This and many more great updates and bug fixes are listed below. 

Car Search Results: UI Updates

The car search user interface has been updated to help Travellers and Travel Arrangers book cars (LM-4785): LM-4785

Modules: UI Updates

Locomote's modules have been updated with a new design (LM-5169): LM-5169

All Day Flight Search Logic (Update)

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now be able to book domestic Australia and/or New Zealand flights a few hours in advance with an improved all day search logic (LM-5100): LM-5100

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-4665: update numeric error validation message for modules
  • LM-5155: reinstate Search All button back for mobile experience
  • LM-5233: display baggage not included icon for TravelFusion content
  • LM-5350: update search logic on Travel Arranger page
  • LM-5457: update Remove button on Travel Arranger page
  • LM-5468: update archive Employee Group confirmation box alignment
  • LM-2481: resolve blank Traveller name on Dashboard for archived user
  • LM-4612: resolve Loyalty Membership level for seat selection issue
  • LM-5458: resolve email preview mode issue
  • LM-5462: resolve supplier route display issue for TravelFusion content
  • LM-5550: resolve error page when creating an incomplete workflow

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