The Australian Open tennis championship kicked off in Melbourne this week. Here are some facts you may not have known:
1. The event was played on grass until 1988
2. The 2018 prize pool is $55,000,000
3. Milos Raonic, from Canada, had the fastest serve of the 2017 tournament at 236km/h
4. It is the largest annual sporting event in the southern hemisphere

Read on for some ace product updates.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3076: update date picker UX (mobile)
  • LM-3082: update loading spinner placement (mobile)
  • LM-3117: update email notifications with Travelport Locomote logo
  • LM-3840: hide inactive Agency Rates for vehicle chargebacks
  • LM-4204: add 'Nationality:' text to International Visas module
  • LM-2179: resolve trip notification duplication (auto-mark as booked) issue
  • LM-2544: resolve error message duplication for Role Degelation
  • LM-4023: resolve More details modal window issue (mobile)
  • LM-4171: resolve Authorised Bookings by Risk Rating labels
  • LM-4239: resolve incorrect 'No Loyalty Membership' messaging

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