Hotel: Search Radius Update

In an effort to improve the relevancy of our hotel search results, Locomote has updated the default radius for cities and airports from 90km to 5km (LM-6863):5KM

Note: when using a specific address in the Location field (e.g. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia) the default radius is still 2km.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • LM-3455: update Country Risk module design
  • LM-6589: display CBT maintenance alert when booking tool is loaded
  • LM-6321: update spinner icons when managing quotes on Quotes page
  • LM-6614: 'Credit card expiry' message to display at end of the expiry month
  • LM-6823: Travel Consultants can update their Timezone in their profile
  • LM-6871: airline credits to be displayed in dollars format on check-out
  • LM-6690: resolve policy violation icon for the 'international' search
  • LM-6544: resolve incorrect date format for CBT emails

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