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Welcome to our Product Updates for Tuesday 13th September 2018. As always, should you have any questions about any of the Enhancements or Fixes below, please reach out and we'd be happy to assist. 



The following Enhancements have been introduced:  

Travelfusion - Replace "Cabin Class" with brand name for each Airfare  

Replaced the "Cabin Class" with the brand name for each TravelFusion airfare for International flight search. If there is no Brand Name in response from TravelFusion, the Cabin Class is displayed instead as normal.  




Refer - Pull request #2957  (LM-7197) and  Pull request #2941 (LM-6993)  

 Edit Travellerprofile   

Super Admin users can now edit Traveller's profile  

Refer - Pull request #2954 (LM-6970)  

Seat Maps  Ability to "Remove Seat" selected  

A new popup window for removing seat selection on the new seat map design has been added, however as this feature is still in progress, the design and functionality is not yet visible for users  


 Refer -  Pull request #2955 (LM-6933)  

Enable TMC users to modify the Authorisation Deadline (date & time)  

Travel consultants are now able to edit the 'Authorisation Deadline' (date & Time fields) when editing a quote option. This is only possible for existing 'active' quotes in the platform, which are quotes that are not in an expired/declined/archived state.  

Note - If the amended expiry date and time results in the quote being set with the earliest expiry of all the quotes, then the system will trigger an email notification to the travellers authoriser(s).  

 Previously -  

New -  

Refer - Pull request #4860 (LM-7019)  

Enable Admin user to add a 2nd level authoriser to traveller profile  

This functionality supports multi-level authorisation, enabling a second level authoriser to be added to a Profile.   


Note:  The Multi-level Authorisation feature is not complete.  Additional development is currently in progress to support this functionality, therefore changes across the platform (including email notifications) are expected to occur in due course as part of this feature. 

Refer - Pull request #4872 (LM-7088)  

TMP profiles are always exported and current in Platform  

All TMP profiles are now always exported and current in our Platform database regardless of the source of profile creation/update.  Previously profiles created via the bulk import method were not automatically exported to our database.  All user profiles are needed in Platform to enable user authentication in Locomote MobileApp  (Username; Password and SSO ).  

Refer - Pull request #4853 (LM-6911)  

Add "other" type to visas.  

Consumers of our Profile API have a different set of Visa types than what we support on our system.  In order to allow them to pass an unknown visa type (unknown to Locomote) via the API, we are adding in an "other" option for the visa type drop-down.  


Refer - Pull request #4891 (LM-6927)   

ProfileAPI  Name change to some Airlines in TMP  

We have renamed some airlines in TMP to reflect the correct name per TravelPort.   Updates were only made to the name of the airline - not the airline codes.  

Refer - Pull request #4889 (LM-6715)   



The following issues have been fixed:  

Update Travelport reference data for fixtures  

Updated the reference data for fixtures (e.g: cities list). This will help with cities searches and improve customers searches for flights, hotels and cars.  

Refer Pull request #2958 (LM-7234)   

File Finishing  Handling lengthy remark  

This fix is to allow long remarks to be automatically truncated to the correct allowed length. When file finishing contained remarks longer than the maximum length, the file finishing would error out and not process the File Finishing. We have now fixed this by automatically truncating the excess character and putting the remark into the correct character limit and process what it has received.  

Refer - Pull request #2875  (LM-3004)     

Cost Center bug impacting API profiles  (All cost centers are not displayed)  

This fix only impacts profiles created via the API.   It is no longer possible for user profiles to be incorrectly assigned to the wrong company's department, office, cost centre or policy group.  

Refer - Pull request #4880 and #4905 (LM-7076  

Update mobile app specs   

Updated the mobile app specs to use the new @selenium_mobile_app tag   

Refer - Pull request #4871 (LM-7157)  

Remove old Zenbox API   

Removed link to an old Zendesk (Support) API that no longer exists, which will speed up page load times and some internal tests.  

Refer - Pull request #4893  (LM-7258)  

Locomote Report - Profiles  

Added additional fields to the Profile User extract report. The report now provides all profile data from the Personal tab within the Locomote Profile.  

Refer - Pull request #4900 (LM-7283) 

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