A long weekend is often a good excuse to plan a short break away spending time with family and friends. So for many Victorians, Labour Day weekend proved to be just that. Whether it's a short get away or a business trip, don't forget to add your frequent flyer membership and now with Locomote you can validate your membership at checkout. 

Check out more of our updates for the week below. 

Search Field: PNRs

Travel Consultants will now be able to search for a trip request in Locomote by the PNR (LM-905)*: LM-905.png

The search bar can also be used to find trip requests by:

  • Traveller Name (e.g. Bruce Traveller)
  • Trip Title (e.g. Live Itinerary 191217)
  • Trip ID (e.g. TMP-B9W3XD)

The Trip ID can be identified by clicking on the trip request and viewing the information under the Additional Details area in the Quotes section of the trip request: Trip_ID_Quotes.png

Or in the Trip Details of the trip request:Trip_ID_TripDetails.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-2846: validate frequent flyer memberships added at check-out
  • LM-3079: improve auto-complete in booking tool
  • LM-3601: add login page message for users who are achieved/deactivated
  • LM-3786: update radio dial UI/UX for all modules
  • LM-4018: update email notifications to include CBT hotel requests
  • LM-4406: add email notifications for TMC when all quotes have expired 
  • LM-4781: update login fields to email input type
  • LM-4972: update mobile app to include Trip Submitted page
  • LM-5040: update Role Delegation created message
  • LM-4953/5085: update visa expiry validation by Issuing Nation
  • LM-4112: resolve new profile Timezone defaults
  • LM-4694: resolve authentication flash message (SSO)
  • LM-5026: resolve empty map for hotel search results 
  • LM-5068: resolve warning message overlap with close button

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