Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-4980: deactivate workflows when Traveller's profile in incomplete
  • LM-5949: prevent users ability to log in Locomote if Company is deactivated
  • LM-5981: update warning message for expired quotes (Quotes page)
  • LM-5984: display Date and Time of approval (Quotes page)
  • LM-6120: update text on Company Logo page
  • LM-6193: add supplier code in drop-down list when configuring Rates (CBT)
  • LM-6194: add Organisation and Office file finishing items (CBT)
  • LM-5988: update button designs (CBT only)
  • LM-5208: resolve Negotiated Hotel Rate modal window issue (CBT)
  • LM-5382: resolve inconsistent design of drop-down fields in workflows
  • LM-5472: resolve airline details on Booking Details page
  • LM-6196: resolve Travellers' email address in Travelfusion booking

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