Our product updates and bug fixes are ready for the week. We hope you've had a great start to May and these updates make the month even easier. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3063: update text on Role Delegation tab (Profiles)
  • LM-4393: improve mobile date picker experience (TMP)
  • LM-4430: update car form of payment text (CBT - Agency Administrators)
  • LM-4520: update design of call-to-action button in workflows
  • LM-5173: update Messages line items design
  • LM-5258: update text in Quote(s) Expiring email
  • LM-5409: update banner text when (in)activating a data reference
  • LM-5459: hide Edit button for inactive Reasons for Travel
  • LM-5503: enable View Quote functionality for offline trip requests
  • LM-5598: add Pick-up/Drop-off times to car details
  • LM-5609: update "vendor locator" to "Airline reference"
  • LM-5665: resolve TravelFusion flights display baggage not included icon 
  • LM-5679: resolve TravelFusion passive PNRs queue placement issue
  • LM-5774: resolve TravelFusion BTA Amex card issue
  • LM-5741: resolve duplicate messages sent via Messages module

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