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Air Search Results: UI Update (International)

The air search user interface has been updated to help Travellers and Travel Arrangers book flights (LM-3153):


Note: this UI update is currently for international flight searches only, however, one-way faring ('domestic') will also be updated, as well as other smaller modifications.

Air Seat Selection: Update

The seat selection user interface has been updated with Select Seat and Change Seat buttons to help Travellers and Travel Arrangers to request a seat at check-out (LM-3086):


Note: Locomote cannot guarantee seat selection as this is a request to the airline, which may be subject to change at their discretion.

Country Risk List: Custom Message

Company Administrators will now be able to add a custom message for each country in the Country Risk List (LM-3353):


This message will appear in the Country Risk module if the Traveller is travelling to that destination: LM-3353 Workflow.png

For more information on Country Risk Lists, check out the Locomote Support Centre!

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3088: update no check-in baggage allowed message on check-out
  • LM-3146: hide CVV field on check-out, display if required for fare type
  • LM-3323: display 'Pay at Pickup' comment in the booking confirmation email
  • LM-3345: update Air Payment Options for Prepaid fares (UI only)
  • LM-3361: add uniqueness constraint for Policy Group Code
  • LM-3783: update Preferred label to icon
  • LM-3915: add new DFAT entry for Puerto Rico
  • LM-2662: remove Dacca from airport locations
  • LM-2475: resolve search logic on Office page
  • LM-3227: resolve Consultant booking for Traveller issue (BTM only)
  • LM-3326: resolve Seat Requests not added to PNR issue
  • LM-3871: resolve Traveller not contactable via Messages issue

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