If you didn't make it to The Business Travel Show in London this week because you couldn't find Olympia, don't stress. Now with one click on our map you'll be able to find that and a whole lot more. Keep reading to hear more on this and all our other updates for the week.

Point of Interest

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now be able to click Points of Interest on the map when searching for hotels, to display restaurants, groceries, hospitals and/or public transport (LM-3704): LM-3704.png

Contact your Company Administrator to enable this setting via the Workflows: LM-3704 Config.png

This functionality is powered by an integration with YELP, a social networking site that lets users post reviews and rate businesses.

New: Alternative Title

Travellers and Travel Arrangers who have access to TravelFusion* content will see a new mandatory field Alternative Title - which will allow bookings to be created on Low Cost Carrier airlines  (LM-4607):  LM-4607.png

*TravelFusion is currently on the Locomote development roadmap and may not be available for all regions. TravelFusion only supports the following titles: Mr, Mrs, Miss.

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-3306: add Eurostar Warning message for Agency Adminstrators
  • LM-3428: update Declaration module UI
  • LM-3539: update Select a workflow area UI on Dashboard
  • LM-3782: update segment type logos and modify UI
  • LM-4164: update Offline Hotels historical remark funcationality
  • LM-4412: update Feedback survey
  • LM-4471: add Delete Quote warning message for Travel Consultants
  • LM-4662: enable archived column to HR Feed resources
  • LM-4877: update Passport/Visa expiration warning message link
  • LM-4061: resolve Eurostar return search results (incorrect content)
  • LM-4488: resolve notification message of role delegation for cancelled trips
  • LM-4588: resolve same expiry month for credit card entry
  • LM-4919: resolve OSI remark dropping for JQ bookings

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