When we're not doing product updates & bug fixes, we ponder why itinerary isn't spelt itinery.

Live Itineraries 

Travellers and Traveller Arrangers to view their Travelport Locomote booking tool Itinerary with real-time information when their trip request is in the Booking Complete state (LM-58)*:

Original booking (PNR):


Updated booking (PNR): 

LM-58 Updated.png

*Note: this feature needs to be enabled by Locomote, please contact your Travel Management Company to initiate this request. 

If the trip request and/or PNR has been canceled, then Travelport Locomote will advise the user to contact their Travel Management Company:

LM-58 No PNR.png

Product Updates & Bug Fixes
  • LM-848: update warning message when invalid dates selected in FBT Travel Diary module
  • LM-1948: update Additional Information module to accept character
  • LM-1728: rename Membership to Loyalty Membership on checkout page
  • LM-2512: update date format for passport and visa expiry wanring message
  • LM-874: resolve Supporting Documents module validation error issue
  • LM-2200: resolve incorrect loyalty membership number in users' profiles
  • LM-2278: resolve International Visa module Click here link issue
  • LM-2461: resolve x icon visibility for Cost Centre selection in users' profiles 

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