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Profile: Meal Service Request

Travellers and Travel Arrangers will now see a separate section for meal requirements in the Preferences tab of the users' profile (LM-1622): LM-1622.png

File Finishing: Trip Request Department 

Agency Administrators can now add the following trip-related File Finishing field items: (LM-1931):


Support: Error IDs

The We're sorry but something went wrong page has been updated with an Error ID, so if a user has an issue within Locomote they will be able to provide this information to our Support team to help reconcile the issue more efficiently (LM-2554): 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-380: remove Cancel button from trip request in Booking Complete state
  • LM-462: update logic when editing an online booking ('International' only) 
  • LM-1787/LM-2163: add Preferences data to Tramada user exporter
  • LM-2099: update Trip Notification details 
  • LM-2274: remove Cancelled bucket from Travel Consultant dashboard
  • LM-2387: remove duplicate 'Stretchers' in Special Service Requests
  • LM-2508: update Users Count for unarchived Employee Groups
  • LM-2684: add email notification for authoriser who has been assigned for Role Delegation
  • LM-2744: remove Select an option from Reason for Travel drop-down menu
  • LM-1616: resolve 'authorisation' messaging in non-applicable states
  • LM-1644/LM-1830: resolve TMC profile issue 'Policy Group'/'Office' fields
  • LM-2157: resolve error when archiving Company Department
  • LM-2702: resolve creating Dashboard Link with file error
  • LM-2777: resolve Issuer Japan Credit Bureau International issue
  • LM-2892: resolve deleted workflows appearing on Dashboard issue

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